My Favorite Blog

As much as it pains me to admit, TMZ is currently my favorite blog on the Internet.  Celebrity gossip…  Why are we so interested in celebrity gossip?

Humans are insatiably curious beings. Curiosity is ingrained in the body’s neurology, empowering our learning, our discovery, and even motivating our actions. Add celebrities into the mix and we are curious about how the elite live with fame and fortune – sometimes a life to which we aspire.  Call it pathetic (maybe it is) but TMZ feeds this desire for such information while feeding and sustaining the desire for more content on the subject. This has led it to be one of the Top 5 Most Popular Blogs in the world!

What sets TMZ apart from its competitors is their ability to stay on top of breaking news.  TMZ has built a reputation for being the first to report a breaking news story and the facts tend to be accurate.  So people have built trust with the brand.  Plus they have a staff of bloggers so they can post multiple stories per day, which encourages users to visit multiple times throughout the day.

My only critique is that TMZ will sometimes cover irrelevant and non-news-worthy stories on slow news days.  Instead of scratching the bottom of the barrel, I suggest covering a relevant world news story.  Here’s a recent example to illustrate my point.  As the Paris attacks were happening, I was jumping from website to website to get the latest breaking news.  I even went to TMZ but they were not covering it the same way CNN and Fox News were.  Now I understand they are a celebrity gossip brand and covering other news stories is outside their scope.  But they have built loyalty and trust among their users for celebrity breaking news, so they should occasionally cover other types of news.  Something as catastrophic as the Paris attacks would warrant them to operate outside the scope.  I don’t think users wouldn’t reject that.  I certainly wouldn’t.


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