Week 10 Reflection #DigCommSU

I can’t believe the end is here… The end of class that is.  This has been an exciting and informative semester.  Not only did I get chance to learn how we got to where we are in Communication technology but I also have a sense of where we are going.  Also, my eyes have been opened on things like, the definition of social media, the digital divide, and future of advertising.

The Internet hasn’t killed off other forms of communication.  Instead it has caused those mediums to reinvent themselves.  That’s the beauty of Digital Convergence.  It has led to efficiencies for both the consumer (faster service) and the company (reduction in operating cost).

Where are we going?  Artificial Intelligence.  Already, we are seeing drones being used to drop packages and pizzas.  This is just the beginning my friends!

Great semester taught by great professors and shared by great students.  I think that’s a great way to end this painful blogging experience 🙂


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