Week 8 Reflection #DigCommSU

Remember that movie starring Dustin Hoffman called, “Death of a Salesman”?  Well this week in class we talked about “Death of the Journalist”.  What does the future hold for journalist?  Who the hell knows?  One thing is for certain though, the future doesn’t look bright if newspapers, magazines, cable news, etc. don’t quickly reinvent themselves.

Advances in technology has drastically changed the way journalist conduct business.  Not only are they competing with citizens but citizens are no longer consuming news in the traditional forms (newspaper, nightly news, etc.) which they once did.  This has also had an effect on advertisements.  Instead of dumping tons of money on newspaper ads, company’s are redirecting those funds (and in many cases spending a lot less) to posting ads customized to their target audience online.  Google ads is just one example of how marketing online has revolutionized the ad business.

I enjoyed the lecture this week.  Everyone was engaged and had thoughtful comments to make.


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