Week 7 Blog

Hello readers (all three of you plus mom)

Sorry I didn’t deliver great insights last week. I was too busy studying for a mid-term exam.  I haven’t taken a mid-term in over eight years, so it was quite nerve wracking.  Anyways, back to the blog (which by the way I hate writing more than you hate reading)….

This week we will look at analytics, a topic that greatly interests me.  Thank God we are past the laws.  I can’t stand lawyers or rules.  Analytics on the other hand, are cool.  I love to see what drives consumer interest and that’s what google analytics allows you to do.  So many business decisions can be made with greater confidence with 24/7 access to real data.  As long as the collection of that data is accurate, decision makers can take a lot of the guessing out of their work.

Although we are only spending the next week or two on this topic, I would love to see a course dedicated to this topic alone.  We tend to forget sometimes, that the biggest part of Communication is listening.  We think of nifty ways to deliver our message.  But sometimes all we need to do is listen to our audience.  They will tell us exactly what they want to hear and how they want to hear it.


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