Week 4 Reflection #DigCommSU

Call me naive but I was astounded to see how much of our world does not have access to communications technology.  Things I take for granted like a cell phone, laptop, wifi, tv, etc. are a luxury or completely nonexistent in a large part of the world.  And in the case of the digital divide, the gap between the haves and have nots is mind boggling.

Those who do not have access to technology are disadvantage and by not having the technology it makes it almost impossible to rise above the despair they find themselves in.  After all, technology is vital to leading a prosperous life.

So how do we address this inequality?  That was the conversation we began in class this week and will continue on throughout the semester.  I certainly don’t have all the answers but I can say one thing for sure.  I’ll never throw out an old equipment.  Someone, somewhere can make use of my “old” cell phone, laptop, or television.  No more taking the digital age for granted.


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