Week 3 Blog #DigCommSU

I used to wrongfully think of social media strictly in the context of FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  However, after this week’s lesson, I know recognize these websites as only a sliver in the proverbial social media pie.  The professor’s lecture and mobile app assignment, had me reconsider the definition of social media.  For those of you interested, I suggest checking out Brian Solis’ Social Media Prism.  It’s an excellent way to visualize the breadth of social media.  Although it’s impossible to simply define social media, reviewing the prism will help you expand your current understanding of social media.

Every student presented a mobile app they like to frequently use.  The purpose of this exercise was for us to recognize the social elements of so many different apps.  This also helped expand on our definition.  I presented Fandango (the movie app).  Prior to this class, I would’ve never considered the app as a social media application.  Like I said, my understanding of social media was restricted to sites like Facebook and Twitter.  But now I know why and how, Fandango is also apart of our social media world.


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